Monday, 1 December 2014

Much better

Well that's a weekend I was quite looking forward to but which I'd rather not live through again, thanks. Never mind, I was a bit shaky first thing this morning but have steadily improved as the day wore on. My thanks to all those who sent their best wishes and to Sheila and Elanor, of course, who supported me so well and shouldered the burden of working at the lodges stall.

From what I hear, the weekend was a big success all round. It was especially frustrating that yesterday was so sunny and pleasant as viewed through Sanity Again's portholes..

Today we've been doing Monday type stuff, laundry and so on. I wasn't up to a walk right round the marina this morning, but did totter as far as the Boardwalk. Tom Hayes turned up just after lunch and changed our pigtails. He pointed out the corrosion caused to the fittings by using dilute washing up liquid to test for leaks, so I've been and bought some proper test spray from Midland Chandlers.

When Tom reconnected the cylinders, guess what, the original problem one wouldn't seal...

Turns out the cylinder valve was leaking, so Tom put a condemned tag on it and after he'd gone we trollied it round to the shop where Chrissie swapped it. The new one has connected up just fine. Tom was excellent, by the way, I'd recommend him to anyone looking for gas work in this part of the world.

Today being the first of the month, we've bought some more Kindle books, a Ngaio Marsh for me, completing our set, and Sheila has started buying the Ellis Peters Cadfaels.

Tonight, I'm going to have my first proper hot meal for three days.


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