Thursday, 4 December 2014

Getting back to normal

OK, what passes for normal for us... There are about 64 million people living in the UK, and I estimate 30,000 of them live on boats, so at least statistically, we are abnormal.

And in some other ways as well, you may well say, but I'm not the only one round here that talks to dogs, so there.

First and most importantly, Sheila wishes me to thank all those who sent their good wishes for yesterday's non-event. She enjoyed it very much, as indeed so did I, and we didn't lose much sleep last night as a result of our various over-indulgences.

OK, maybe the last thing glass of port was a mistake, but we liked it, so there, even if I did have one helluva time getting the very dry cork out. The wine was brilliant, thank you Graeme and Cathy.

Today, we had a quiet start, then Sheila took the pressure washing kit over to Jo's pontoon and the two of them gave it a wash. Meanwhile, I went to the shop to order more solid fuel and to buy kindling.

When I got back, I went to inspect progress. Jo was having a great time, with Sheila working as her oppo, moving the washer and looking after the hoses and cable. I put in some hard work supervising, as a result of which no accidents occurred.


Jo kindly gave us some homemade mince pies as a thank you; they are delicious too, even if not so alcoholic as the port.

This afternoon, we had a walk round the marina, dumped some recycling, checked that Martin and Anna's boat One Day was in fine fettle and still had plenty of credit on the electric meter (yes to both).

We popped into the office to buy some marina Christmas cards and to pick up some post, which consisted of a marina Christmas card from the staff, a really nice touch. I'd already collected another piece of post from the shop, a call for my retinopathy screen which had gone to the old, PO address.

Back at the boat, I rang the number given and made an appointment for next Monday at the London Road hospital in Derby. Once I've had that done we can have our annual eye tests.

Elanor and Sally are coming round later, so that will be a very pleasant end to a very pleasant day.

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