Friday, 5 December 2014

Spending a quiet day

It's been one of those gently pleasant days; stuff has been achieved but we haven't been seriously exerting ourselves beyond walking to the village this morning and my taking a brisk walk round the marina this afternoon.

This morning's expedition was necessitated by my desire to send my sister a tea towel. This we had bought at Shackerstone at the end of the Ashby in the summer and never got round to posting. I wanted to send her a Christmas card anyway, so bundled it up with the tea towel and took it to the Post Office. Later on, when we've done them, we'll also send her one of the family calendars.

We took the opportunity to visit the newly opened Co-op which has been built on the site of the old surgery. They were handing out free loaves of bread and robust carrier bags. We didn't particularly want the bread, which was thick white Spontex type stuff, but it got a welcome reception in the marina office later where they are very found of toast, especially on a chilly day like this.

Having bought some bits and bobs we walked back home.

After lunch, we girded our visuo-spatial loins and did the 3D jigsaw Elanor had given Sheila for her birthday. (Ooops, what birthday?)

This had the most amazingly unhelpful instructions you've ever seen, but we got stuck in and just did it. It's a red crystal apple with a flashing light inside:

You can tell where Elanor got her sense of humour from.

Whilst I was getting my heart-rate-elevating exercise, Sheila popped up to the lodge and retrieved the steam iron. It's a Russell Hobbs model which has just been recalled. We knew nothing about it, but the tenants saw a piece on the TV last night and told the office.

We're going to Ashbourne tomorrow with Elanor, so we'll get a replacement then and claim a refund on this one.

In fact, it's going to be quite a busy weekend, so I'll do my best to keep you all up to date, but don't be surprised if the blog is a bit more erratic than usual – hard to believe that's possible, I know.

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