Thursday, 18 December 2014

Post quiz recovery

I think the quiz went all right, though scores were generally a bit low. Certainly we had a great time thanks to Jo and Wynne's organisation. When we do the February effort with Peter and Katy, we plan to make it the Really Easy Quiz.

Well, that's the plan...

We got to bed late and had a very slow start this morning after a broken night. As the forecast was for wind and rain, we had no particular plans anyway. After breakfasting and pottering, we ambled over to the shops for bread and more porridge oats. Back at the boat we had a late coffee and more sedentary occupation before lunch.

Afterwards, I dozed off for a bit before Elanor rang to discuss buying me some chicken thigh fillets at the Moy Park factory shop. I'd asked her to look out for some such as I've promised to supply some drumsticks to the Christmas Fuddle party on Saturday night.

OK, I know it's the wrong bit of the leg, but if I roll them up after marinating them, fix them with cocktail sticks and roast them, they should be an adequate substitute.

Finally, we managed to stagger round the marina in the wind, stopping to chat with sundry folk on the way. They are finally putting the wood cladding on the Great Wall of Mercia at the main entrance; it's going to look OK once finished, I reckon.

Since then, it's been back to huddling down in the boat. Elanor and Sal are coming round later so I'll get another walk as well as taking delivery of the chicken.

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