Monday, 12 January 2015

Another day indoors

The weather's not been quite as bad as forecast, perhaps, but still yucky enough to discourage venturing outside, except for necessity. Sheila's been busier than me, doing the Monday wash and scuttling up to the laundry with the loads for tumble drying. Apart from that, we've stayed in the boat whilst it blew and rained.

I baked some more bread; looks like I'm going to be doing more of that as Sheila is very persuasive on the subject. The main challenge is getting a batch mixed in good time to have the bread for lunch. In theory, it's possible to put the dough in the fridge overnight, giving a slow rise with even better flavour, but I don't think there's room in ours for the big bowl.

Heigh ho, it's good to have stuff to experiment with. I may buy a book on the subject with my next Kindle allowance on the 15th. The Farm Shop has a really interesting range of bread flours.

The other thing I've done is contribute to Yvonne and Roger Olver's charity fund raising effort, as described in Yvonne's blog. They've joined the January Dryathlon and will be donating the money they save to cancer research, for the reasons explained in the blog.

I'm full of admiration for both aspects of the endeavour, and strongly recommend it to all you lot out there. Sheila and I managed just a week off the hooch last year and it's not easy.

Ah well, with any luck the rain will have stopped tomorrow and we can get some exercise. Amazon are supposed to be delivering my new external drive today, but I'm not holding my breath. They just better not come up with any more fibs about not being able to find the marina, that's all.

Edit: it's just arrived!

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Jo said...

I'd just stick the bowl in the cratch. The temperature will be low enough! This week colder than the fridge probably.