Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pleasant morning, darker afternoon

The weather was much better this morning, so we had a walk round the marina, dropping off some recycling as we went. It was really very pleasant and made all the more so by meeting up with Jo and Wynne, who were having a rambling photo session.

We all rambled on together, both in the ambulatory and linguistic senses, until we arrived at the front. Some kindling and firelighters were obtained from Still Waters and a brief foray into the office gave us a chance to warm up a bit.

After that, Jo and Wynne went off to take their lives in their hands by standing in the road to photograph the smart new signs on the entry walls, whilst we headed for the Farm Shop for milk and a red pepper (I'm planning a chilli con carne tonight).

I'd put some bread dough to rise before we left and it was ready for knocking back and shaping on our return. It made lunch a bit late, but was well worth it.

Since then, some DVDs have been listed for sale on Amazon and various other pottering type tasks completed as the skies turned cold and gloomy once more.

Altogether, an excellent way to spend a lazy-ish Sunday.

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