Sunday, 25 January 2015

Busy Sunday

It's been another of those bustling about days that hasn't left me much time to blog. I'll do my best to give you your money's worth though...

In order to have the bread done for lunch, I'd left it in the (unlit) oven overnight and knocked it back and shaped it before I made the first thing tea.

Straight after breakfast, we went up to the lodge and did most of the remaining oiling. Just some buffing and a second coat on the top of the coffee table to do now.

Back to the boat and baked the buns, reading the paper whilst doing so. Anguished pause once they'd come out; boat full of scent of new baked bread which is too hot to eat.

Finally had lunch with warm buns, yum.

Felt restless afterwards, so did a load of tidying up in the study and condemned two old cameras. The oldest still works and the other is the one with the defunct focussing system. Found their bags and put them both on the swaps table in the laundry, suitably labelled.

Elanor and Sal came and we had a frisbee session in field three as there are now sheep in field one and we don't let Sally get anywhere near sheep. As it was, she's written the frisbee off by chewing the rim to bits.

Elanor went off to get on with her weekend housekeeping jobs and I've been back at the boat helping with the big crossword since.

Now to go and buy milk before putting a venison casserole on for tonight...

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