Monday, 26 January 2015

Still busy

We've had another productive day, but I'm in less of a rush tonight. It's meat-free Monday and I've got the frozen half of what I laughingly call Chennai Curry* to serve, so not much to do catering wise.

We went over to the lodge after breakfast, once Sheila had started the first wash load. I put a second coat of oil on the top surfaces of the coffee table, the dressing tables and the bedside tables; all the ones which have the hardest use apart from the dining table which has already been done. Meanwhile, Sheila buffed up the mirror frames that she'd oiled two days ago.

All that remains is for us to go back in tomorrow afternoon and buff up everything not already finished. Then we'll stack as much as possible into the wet room, whose floor doesn't need any treatment. Some special cleaner and oil should arrive later this week so that we can get stuck in at the weekend to do the wood floors.

Back at the boat, we had a tidying and filing session to take us up to lunch, Sheila all the while keeping the washing machine busy and tumbling stuff as machines became available in the laundry.

Since lunch, we've been round to Still Waters to get a replacement gas cylinder and to order a couple more bags of solid fuel, which will be delivered tomorrow. The new cylinder went on without any bother, I'm pleased to say. Testing with the proper spray found no sign of leaks at all.

The washing is all finished, though the last load won't now get tumbled until the morning. Sheila's doing a washing up whilst I type this, after which we will rest on our laurels for the evening.

One other highlight; we had an email from Susan at Braidbar asking us to be on the team at Crick again; hopefully we'll get a chance to meet up with Peter and Susan sometime in the next few weeks to plot and plan.

*Chennai Curry – it's Bean Madras...

Sorry, awful, isn't it?

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