Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Getting on with it

Some good stuff: I'm getting the hang of ripping DVDs in the way that I want, including with subtitles for some of them. Sheila's caught up with the laundry. We've had a couple of walks, including one round the marina.

Less good: Amazon Logistics have just failed to deliver a case for my new camera, claiming not to be able to find the marina. This has started happening a lot since Amazon took to using their own courier service; none of the others have a problem, it's the largest inland marina in Europe, for Pete's sake. More likely, the driver was running short on time and couldn't be bothered to give me a call when he reached the end of the houses in Willington.

In addition, I'm going to have to buy another external drive, to back up the ripped DVD files. I'm presently putting them on a separate partition of the current back up drive, but that leaves them vulnerable to the failure of that drive. Fortunately, the costs of hard drives keep coming down; I'm paying less for 2 Terabytes of a Toshiba drive than I did the other year for a 1Tb drive.

Apart from all this, it's been a quiet day. Elanor is coming over with Sally this evening for a walk and a chat, after which dinner will be home made soup, chicken curry and probably a clementine to finish.

Such indulgence...


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Bruce

There's something wrong. Where's the Ocado order? There's always an Ocado order!

Your concerned reader


Bruce in Sanity said...


Panic not, the Ocado delivery was last Saturday. Really nice driver but the cucumber got squashed, so I emailed Ocado to say both those things and had a really, really good email in reply.

Obviously written by a human being and saying things like thanks for the feedback.

Take care

Bruce x