Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A day indoors

The worst winter weather isn't necessarily the coldest. In theory, the temperature has been quite mild today, but rain and wind have made it much less pleasant to be outdoors and have necessitated keeping the Squirrel well stoked.

In such circumstances, staying inside is strongly recommended. I've ripped a few more DVDs (nearly finished the G&S) and Sheila has made a start on a new porthole doily order. She's not actively chasing business any more, but will still do work for previous customers and (I suspect) those who sidle blandishingly up to her at Crick or the Braidbar Open Day.

Apart from that, we've been reading or playing games, mainly.

I did a snotty email to Amazon last night and had a long grovelling one back. It would have achieved its purpose better if it hadn't been so obviously about three standard emails stuck end to end, but it did promise expedited delivery, and the camera case duly arrived first thing this morning.

We picked it up this afternoon, after the storm had abated a bit, and on our way to get some stuff from the Still Waters shop. This last consisted of onions, carrots and milk, the first two because I've now made a beef casserole with some shin beef I had in the freezer. That went in the oven at half four (hence this post being a touch later than usual). The great thing with shin is the long slow cook, at least two hours.

Do that and it's the best stewing steak you can have, delicious and soft enough to eat with a spoon, as they say. Try to cook it quickly and it's like chewing leather. (Yvonne, if you're reading this, the top of the Squirrel is now too hot to simmer a pan on!)

Tomorrow, we plan a trip into Derby, just for fun, so the blog may well be a touch late and probably quite brief, depending on how weary I feel.


Jo said...

?blandishingly? hmmmmmmm
I think each blog should from now on include a "brucie bonus" along the same lines - completely made up but nevertheless utterly appropriate in its context!

And here's a new line for Sheila to explore through the winter - fitting out the summer boaters:

KevinTOO said...

What an excellent link Jo...

The picture in my mind of Bruce jogging over to The Butcher & The Baker in a pair of those is so vivid... frightening but entertaining too LOL

Bruce in Sanity said...

Sheila would like to know what is Wynne's size, and would he like a pair of shorts or the onesie?



Jo said...

oooo, now then. I'm VERY taken with the Onesie. I think it'll be a matter of how much of him Sheila can get to measure. Perhaps a trip back to Go Outdoor for some running shoes might be in order, for I fear he'll be off like lightening when he hears the plans.