Thursday, 22 January 2015

Late again

It's going to be another quickie as I'm all behind. The Opera Australia Pirates of Penzance DVD arrived from the States this afternoon, and we couldn't resist watching it straightaway. It is absolutely brilliant, one of their best, I reckon.

It uses the same staging as the Kevin Kline/Linda Ronstadt New York version, but with added touches as only OA can do it. Well worth the hassle of importing it and playing a Region 1 DVD.

Other activities: we've started oiling the lodge furniture and had a walk round the marina.

I'll be getting another one with Elanor and Sally later, and Elanor is kindly giving me a lift into Burton on Saturday to renew my bus pass at the library there. I tried to do it online, but the website didn't seem to be happy with the iPad, typically.

That's about it for now — see you tomorrow.

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