Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A grey old day

Instead of snow, we've had occasional sleety rain on and off all day, falling out of a grey sky. Dusk is early; recently we've not been putting the covers up until nearly five, but I'm going to do them as soon as I've finished this post.

Are we downhearted? Not a bit; we've pottered on regardless. I've made some experimental bread using some of the malted flour diluted with wholemeal and white. Sheila is experimenting with a different jigsaw puzzle app on the iPad. The one she was using, Magic Puzzles, was very good, but had a strange effect that it seemed to stop the iPad from charging, whether the app was running or not. The battery symbol showed the right colour when the supply was connected, but the level of charge didn't go up. Restarting the iPad, or doing a hard reset, sorted it until the next time she used the app.

Very weird and not encouraging, so she's experimenting with a different app with, so far, no problems.

We also spent a bit of time in the lodge, getting ready to give the wooden furniture another coat of Danish oil and sorting out sundry bits and pieces.

As we've got a quiz night tonight, we had lunch in the Farm Shop, jacket potatoes and decaff lattes, very nice indeed, though be prepared to wait for your meal. (But not as long as you have to wait in the bistro in our experience.)

Back at the boat, I've baked the bread, which looks OK; we'll have some at around five, so as to be fuelled up and ready to go at seven.

Tomorrow is another day for pottering; let's hope the weather is a bit better.

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