Friday, 30 January 2015

Mission successful

I'm really really sorry to disappoint some of my more enthusiastic followers, but my reasons for secrecy weren't anything like as exciting as those suggested. I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended by those…

We'd planned to surprise Peter and Susan at Braidbar by accompanying John and Nev to see their new boat Destiny on Thursday. The snow storm meant that we got as far as Macclesfield before reaching a terminally blocked road and, just four miles from our destination, had to turn back.

So we tried again today, after much humming and ha-ing, and made it this time. So we've had two great nights with John and Nev as our guests on board Sanity Again and a brilliant day today looking round both Destiny and one of the other boats in build up there, this latter probably being the Crick show boat.

We also had the pleasure of introducing our friends to the joys of eating in the Boar's Head at lunchtime. John's had a lot of difficult driving to do, so they are going to stay with us tonight as well, hooray.

We're just back and I mustn't neglect our guests. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, probably.

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