Saturday, 31 January 2015

Feels like lots of things happening

I was going to say "lots of stuff happening" but I've been told that I use the word stuff a lot, so from now on I'm going to try to avoid saying stuff as much as I used to do, especially when talking about stuff...

The pork rosette parcels from the Farm Shop were excellent last night, as was the company of course. John and Nev manfully concealed their chagrin at Watford's thrashing at the hands (or feet) of Bournemouth (they are season ticket holders – somebody has to be – and we followed it on the Beeb website). Having a man sent off in the first minute didn't help, of course.

This morning we were able to have a leisurely start before ambling round to the Farm Shop for luxury hot chocolate and coffees for those of us on a low sugar diet. John and Nev then set off for home after an excellent three days, a sort of mid-week weekend. Sheila had some conversations in the office to do with routine lodge business and we collected the post.

This was all important stuff material too. There were two appointments for Sheila, her pre op and operation dates at the end of Feb and the beginning of March respectively. I had the giffgaff sim card I'd ordered. Thanks to giffgaff, we've been able to organise a phone for Sheila to use when away from me or the boat by spending £35 on an unlocked Nokia C-3 on eBay and £10 credit on giffgaff. The credit isn't time limited, either, as far as I can see, unless you get one of their goody bags. Since the phone will be used very erratically, the straight PAYG suits us better.

Elanor and Sally came over just before lunchtime. I went with them to the copse where Sal had a complete mad, not having been there for a while. After lunch, we left Sal with Sheila on Sanity Again and went to the lodge to do the first burst of floor cleaning. We'll go back tomorrow to oil and buff the bits we've vacuumed and washed today.

Sheila, poor woman, has succumbed to a cold and is ploughing through the tissues; hopefully, she'll be back on song in a couple of days.

Tonight, beef stir fry bought as part of a neat deal from the Farm Shop butcher. You get the stir fry, two portions of meat balls in sauce, four beef burgers and a pound of mince for just under £14 before the moorer's discount. They have other deals like it too, but our small freezer capacity means we can't take advantage of them.

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