Monday, 19 January 2015


We've been in Derby most of the day (the bus was late again, but at least the driver apologised this time). Did a load of shopping, including some winter weight pyjamas.

Both had eye tests, I'm fine, no need for new specs. It was Sheila's turn to splash the cash on two new pairs.

Minor entertainment; the optician told me that the drops have made my lashes grow longer and some are scraping my corneas, leading to irritation. So I'm to start using an eyelash comb on them to train them out of the way, as well as using Viscotears moisturising drops.

Gosh it's tricky peering at your eyes in a mirror and trying not to poke yourself in one with a stick.

Ladies — you do this stuff voluntarily?



Nev Wells said...

You'll be waxing next !!

Bruce in Sanity said...

Ho, ho.

Sheila says I'm certainly not waning.

All the best Bruce

Unknown said...

Maybe eyelash curlers to give that wide eyed look.......
Meant to make your eyes look bigger and your lashes longer in a most flattering way. And no, I wouldn't bother with them either!
PS I'm totally unknown to you, but get my vicarious fill of canal life by reading a multitude of blogs, leaving me feeling that I know many canal dwellers as absent friends, so please excuse my familiarity!

Bruce in Sanity said...

Yeah, I looked at eyelash curlers but if I'm struggling with the simple brush, heaven knows what I'd do to myself with one of those things!

Anyway, always glad to hear from another blog reader, makes it all worthwhile.