Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Another busy day

After our successful trip to Derby yesterday, finished off by sharing the bus back with Sal from Smile and Wave, we've been having another such today, though this time largely in the marina. After a cold night that left ice on much of the water, we were up betimes to get ready for an Ocado delivery.

Edward turned up in the Onion van at half ten and we soon had all the goodies in the boat. Checking off and putting away is one of those strangely satisfying activities; it was all done by half eleven and no battered cucumbers this time, though the clementines look a bit tired, I have to say.

Some constructive pottering (like the final wash and tumble dry sessions) took us up to lunch, after which we did a bit more of the same until Jo collected Sheila to take her to a garden centre. The excuse for this was buying some seeds for the volunteer group to plant out in the marina beds; mini sunflowers, foxgloves and others from the RSPB recommended list of flowers that encourage wildlife.

Whilst they were away doing that, I took a load of recycling round to the skips and walked on to get milk and a copy of this month's Canal Boat from Still Waters. I was particularly keen to get this issue as it has a review of the latest Braidbar boat Mirabilis (number 150, would you believe). Adam has done his usual excellent piece and had clearly been impressed by one of Braidbar's more luxurious efforts. (Cheaper Braidbars are available!)

It's just a pity that the increased cover price of CB means that I no longer feel able to buy Waterways World as well. Truly, market forces don't always act the way classical economic theory tells you they should.

I also phoned Elite Furniture to enquire about our new chairs. It seems they are on their way from the factory and should arrive next week. This has taken a bit longer than we hoped, having ordered them in mid-November, and we'll be very glad to see them safely installed.

Elanor and Sally are making one of their visits tonight to give Sal a walk round the marina. It's always a pleasure to see them both, of course. In addition, Elanor's got another yummy couple of chicken fillets for us from Moy Park, she says.

It's all good, I tell you, even if it is going to snow tomorrow.


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