Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sorting out stuff

This morning we walked into the village for once, purely to visit the Co-op for things we can't get in the marina shops, such as Moroccan flavoured humous; we took the opportunity to buy a loaf of fancy bread too.

Back at the marina, we collected the floor treatment stuff that had been delivered to Reception and went on to the Farm Shop to get some sausages for tonight.

Just after lunch, I had a call from one of the secretaries at the surgery to arrange my Dermatology appointment. This means that I decided I should see the GP on Friday morning, got an appointment for that afternoon and on Tuesday I've been given my out patient appointment. Admittedly it's not until early March, but since there's no urgency about my condition that's not a problem. If when he sees the referral letter the consultant decides I should be seen earlier, they'll get in touch again.

After lunch, we went up to the lodge and finished buffing the newly oiled furniture, moving most of it into the wet room to make oiling the floors easier. We're busy for a couple of days now, and Cath the head cleaner wants to do some final spring cleaning in there, so it will be the weekend before we get started on that.

Back at the boat, I got a load of recycling together and took it round to the skips; the major downside to mooring on Yellowhammer is the long walk to the recycling point.

Since then we've been taking it pretty easy. Elanor and Sally are coming round for their Tuesday evening walk, after which the menu will be beef and chilli sausages with bubble and squeak.

For reasons I can't divulge just now, I'm going to be otherwise occupied for the next couple of days, so don't expect another full blog post until Friday – I'll see if I can do a quickie or two, though.

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