Thursday, 12 February 2015

Chairs at last

We got going in good time this morning and started work whilst drinking our breakfast coffee. The remaining old chair was dismantled and its pieces stowed on the roof whilst the footstools were placed in the laundry, one at least being immediately taken by another moorer.

We took the opportunity of the open floor to give it a good sweeping, continuing on down the boat. By half ten we were hanging about a bit, so we had another coffee. Alan the Wilsons driver rang just after eleven to say he'd arrived.

I walked over to the vehicle gate and he gave me a lift round the marina. Delivery was straightforward and by twenty to twelve we'd paid our debts and were able to relax seated upon our nice new chairs.

After lunch I performed the critical test; Sheila tells me that the snoring was quite muted, so a plus all round.

Since then we've had a walk round the marina, collected the DVD rack which Amazon had delivered during the morning and scoffed some toasted muffins. These we'd bought whilst ordering solid fuel in the shop, said fuel having now been delivered by Grahame and Chrissy.

As soon as I've finished this, I'm going to complete brushing the rugs, sort out the coal bags and refill the scuttle. It being Thursday, Elanor and Sally are coming round so I'll get another walk.

Finally, here's a photo of one of the chairs we should have bought nearly five years ago:


Jo said...

What a lovely positive and busy day! And a gorgeous chair to relax in this evening. Enjoy!!

Mike Todd said...

Your experience matches ours. When one developed a fault after more than five years they went to considerable lengths to get it fixed.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks, Mike, that's good to hear!

All the best