Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Progress maintained

I had another eye clinic appointment in Derby, which meant catching the 9.25 bus and actually paying to travel as far as Littleover. The bus was reasonably on time, a pity in some ways as, if it had arrived after half nine, we could have used our bus passes. We had to wait a touch more than the advertised ten minutes at the stop round the corner on the ring road for the Royal Derby bus, but had plenty of time in hand.

The clinic was running well to time, so it wasn't long after a quarter to ten that I was seen. My pressures have stayed well under control, I'm pleased to say; one more visit in June and I will be back on annual checks if all goes well.

We had a bit of shopping to do – returning some highly unsatisfactory pyjamas to M&S and buying replacements at BHS. The woman at Marks who did the refund said that some of these 100% cotton garments shrink by 9% when washed; the concept of pre-shrinking appears to have fallen from use. That means you'd really need to buy the size larger to end up with something that fits.

You don't mind something you've bought from a cheapjack like Matalan taking up a bit when washed, but when you've paid over twenty-five quid at Marks you're entitled to to a bit better quality, I reckon.

Heigh ho, no matter, it's all done now. Lunch was chicken or king prawn satay noodles from the Thai noodle bar in Intu, then a quick gamble round Sainsbury's (bread and cup soup) and back home on the one o'clock.

We've been loafing since, rather. Ralph Wilson rang during the afternoon, checking that we were still OK to take delivery of the chairs tomorrow morning.

It is nice to deal with a professional.

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