Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dopey Tuesday

We neither of us had a very good night last night, so we've been a bit dopey today. Nonetheless, we managed to get through the main chores, including Sheila's visit to the Royal for her pre-op checks. The letter had said to be prepared for these to take four hours, which seemed a bit over the top, and in the event she went in at half nine and was all done by ten.

She'd gone up by taxi, using the invaluable Western Cars, as there isn't an 8.25 bus service. The V3 is running a bit erratically at the moment anyway; Abbey Street is closed in Derby and the service has been diverted round onto the Royal Derby route, adding a good bit to the journey time.

She had an uneventful encounter as we used to say in primary care research, so we're just hoping that this is a good omen for the op itself.

Meantime back at the boat, I finished off the laundry work by putting two loads through the tumble dryer and tidying the dried clothes away. For the rest, it was a case of pottering dopily about doing this and that, like loading some more video onto the iPad for the next time I want to watch something, backing up the iPad onto the Mini then backing up the Mini in its turn.

I nipped out to the Farm Shop to get a pasty for lunch; I'd planned to get some meat, too, but Kevin the butcher was still waiting for his delivery from Barton Marina. Sheila was back in time to have lunch with me, having gone into the Farm Shop herself on her return to get her own pasty.

After lunch we went out again to get the meat and to get tomorrow night's answer sheets photocopied in the office. Apparently there are twelve teams competing, so a full house.

It being Tuesday, Elanor and Sally are coming for an evening walk as usual; I'm hoping that the rain holds off this time, the cold wind is bad enough.


Jo said...

Woo hoo ! Looking forward to tomorrow evening.

Ann Street said...

When is Sheilas op? here's to a speedy recovery!

All the best, Ann

Bruce in Sanity said...

Friday 13th — good job we're not superstitious...

Thanks for your good wishes