Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Spring day pottering

I know, we are doing a lot of pottering at the moment, but that's how it feels. It was a very pleasant, though not particularly sunny morning when we finally ambled out of bed. Various bits of internet work got done, then we went over to see Jo on Voyager and to return her empty marmalade jar. This turned into a coffee drinking and gossip session that took us up to lunchtime.

It being a quiz day, we ate in the Farm Shop, baked potato and tuna mayo for Sheila, carrot and coriander soup and a ham 'n cheese panini for me.

Back at the boat we did a bit more sorting out then took a proper walk round the marina, ending up at Still Waters to buy kindling, milk and firelighters. We're getting to the point when such purchases (apart from the milk, obviously) won't be needed any more, but not quite yet, I fancy.

It's been loafing again since then, I'm afraid, conserving our energies for tonight.

Oh, one thing of note – irritated by a demand from Amazon for yet more personal info if I'm to continue as an Amazon seller, we've decided to stop using that market, not least because it's colluding in their tax avoiding strategies.

As part of that, we've withdrawn our e-books from Amazon and will now supply them direct. To be honest, sales are pretty light these days anyway. There's an explanatory piece in the right hand column of this blog, but basically, if you want one of our books, email me and tell me which one and for which e-reader.

I'll then email you the file in exchange for a donation to a cancer or waterways charity of your choice.

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