Friday, 27 February 2015

Life is strange

Hi guys

I'm having a very strange week. Tuesday was pretty normal, but Wednesday, Mum didn't leave the house until late in the morning, then the dog walkers visited twice, once at lunch and once later on. Then Mum came back much later, looking frazzled. Something to do with visiting the dentist, she said, and the year end at work.

Now, I don't know about you, but I thought New Year's Day was back at the beginning of January, so how come it's the year end already?

Thursday, we didn't go the the marina, but this morning, we did. Grandpa was waiting by the Boardwalk thing and took me and my bag round to the boat whilst Mum drove off. I was very worried about that. I didn't think the AGPs looked as if they needed special attention when I saw them Tuesday, so what's going on?

I'm a dog that likes her routine and I'm not getting it.

The AGPs hadn't even had breakfast when I got there, so I had loads of hanging about to do. Spent the time pacing and muttering to myself until Grandpa got his act together and took me for a decent walk round the marina. I kept a sharp eye out for Mum, but no sign of her.

Later in the morning, both the AGPs took me out again. This was a much slower walk as Granny doesn't go very fast these days, though seemingly she's going to have something done about that next month. Does anyone know, can you have grandparents chipped like you can cars with engine management systems?

Would be good if you could, so many of them seem a bit slow moving by my standards.

After lunch, blagged my usual apple core and carrot from Grandpa, so not a totally wasted day. He then tried dozing off in his swanky new chair. This isn't good for him, I reckon, so did my best to keep him awake by nudging his hand, whining at him and (brilliant one this) standing behind the chair and wagging my tail vigorously so that it bashed the back of the chair.

Finally got him on his feet again and we had another three person stroll round the marina. I have at least met a good selection of admirers, old and new, in the course of all this walking. Did try to hint we might go for a game of copse and rompers, but Grandpa says he's not going to trust me off the lead when Mum's not there, after what happened last time.

Some people are so mean.

Anyway, have now settled for dozing on the new mat when I'm not writing this stuff. I'm just hoping Mum turns up this evening before the year ends...

Take care of your humans, folks, or you won't know where the next meal is coming from!

Loads of licks

Your friend


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