Thursday, 26 February 2015

Good evening, quiet day

Last evening seemed to go very well. The atmosphere was quite boisterous at times, usually a sign that boaters are enjoying themselves, and everything went as planned, more or less. We'd set ourselves a target of all teams getting at least 50% and then a good range above and nearly achieved it. One team scored just under 45 (out of a possible 90) and the winners were separated by just a few points from the runners up, scoring 72.

We got back to the boat, had a restorative glass of wine and collapsed into bed. Peter and Katie made great partners in setting the questions and have agreed to team up with us for next month's quiz as well.

As may be imagined, we've had a quiet day today, with a leisurely start on a stormy morning, weather-wise. We didn't stir from the boat apart from quick trips up to the Facilities Block until after lunch. I baked some malted multi seed buns for lunch; I'm quite getting the hang of that recipe.

After lunch we walked round the marina. The rain had stopped but there was still a blustery and chilly wind. We didn't need any shopping for once and there was no post for us at the office. I'm still waiting for the confirmation letter about my dermatology appointment, which I know has been brought forward to next Wednesday as the surgery rang and told me, but I don't have the time yet.

We'll continue with the quiet theme for the rest of the day, especially as we'll have to be up betimes in the morning. Elanor wants to work late tomorrow and will be dropping Sally off with us at 7.45.

I'll see if I can get Ms Wooffit to do the blog tomorrow – she usually has something entertaining to say after a day with us, especially as it's been quite a while since we've done an all day dogsit.

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Jo said...

It was a very excellent quiz. We had a great time and enjoyed the style of questions which were structured in a novel and entertaining way. Thank you!