Monday, 16 February 2015

Quietly soggy

Or soggily quiet if you like. The forecast rain arrived overnight and continued through most of the morning. We stayed in the boat mainly, apart from doing some tumbling and refilling the water tank.

It had more or less dried up by the time we wanted to go out, so another plus there. We walked round to Uriah Heep and had a very pleasant afternoon with Peter and Katie, doing the final plotting for the quiz night next week.

They live in a very nice boat; wide beams do have the advantage when it comes to living space, even if the cruising range is much more restricted. Whilst we were there, a guy turned up from the builder, Collingwood, to fix their Squirrel flue. It's only been out of use since last November...

Apparently, there was concern about the state of the sealing, so that there could have been a carbon monoxide hazard and owners had been advised, very wisely, not to use the stove until it had been fixed. This didn't make a lot of difference to Peter and Katie as they've been visiting Australia for much of the time, but can't have been much fun for those staying on their boats in the depths of winter.

Peter was quite fed up with trying to get sense out of New and Used about when the work would be done, though at least it looks like it was finally going to be fixed today.


Meantime, they've had to buy an electric fire to supplement the central heating.

Once we'd finished, we walked on round to the Still Waters to buy milk and kindling, then ambled back to the boat. We'll have a quiet time tonight and a reasonably early start tomorrow; we want to get a pump out and diesel on what's forecast to be a dry and calm morning.

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