Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Boater's Ideal

I've said it before, the boater's ideal is an empty toilet tank, a full fuel tank and a full water tank and we got that this morning, on a bright cool calm day, what's more.

Making a prompt start, we were on the service wharf before nine and pumping out. Once the office had opened at nine, I phoned across and Josh came over to work the diesel pump for us. The price is down to 70 ppl for domestic use which helps the budget not a little.

It was a good return to the pontoon; between us we managed to get Sanity Again back on her berth without touching either Inkling or the finger pontoon. Nobody was watching, naturally.

As we walked across to the office to settle up, Sheila called her hairdresser to get an appointment this week and was told she could have one pretty well straightaway. So she walked on after we'd finished paying, whilst I went to the Farm Shop for a loaf of bread for lunch and a bag of their multiseed flour for use later on.

Back at the boat I pottered, breaking off to collect some tumbling Sheila had started before we went out. Sheila got back in good time for lunch; afterwards was a bit dozy, to be honest.

I woke myself up by taking a brisk walk round the marina, finishing in Still Waters to get some oranges and a couple of tubs of the sandwich filler they've started keeping in there. Sheila's been working on with the laundry but otherwise we've just been enjoying the peace and quiet on a bright late winter/early spring day.

It being Tuesday, Elanor and Sally are coming round for some more walking. We've nothing special planned for the rest of the week; the next excitement will be the Ocado delivery on Friday.


Oh, and Bob D asks me to deny the rumour that the Willington cooling towers are to be converted into apartments, apart from the one which is to be a multi-storey car park with a swimming pool on top.

Someone should tell Bob that the first of April is not until the month after next; there's a peregrine nest on top of one of the towers, so the story cannot possibly be true.


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