Sunday, 8 March 2015

An ambling weekend

It seems to have been a weekend for ambling about. Yesterday, the weather was again very springlike, making walking round a real pleasure. On our main circuit of the marina, we bumped into Peter off Uriah Heep talking to another moorer, one Andy. We had a good old natter about this and that, in the course of which Peter mentioned that at the school he went to they played rugby not soccer.

Since like me he was born and brought up on Tyneside, I asked which school was that then and lo and behold, he went to Dame Allan's Boys School just as I did, though I left at 14 when my family moved to Glasgow.

So there we are, standing in a marina just outside Derby, chance acquaintances and having missed each other at school by a handful of years (Peter is a youngster, you understand).

Later in the day, Elanor came across with a barmy Sally, having first gone into Dunelm Mill in Burton and bought a couple of replacement mugs for the lodge. Standing in the store, she wasn't quite sure which were the right ones, so took a photo with her iPhone and emailed it to us to check.

The wonders of modern tech, eh?

Sally had a good old scamper round the copse, then made a complete twit of herself coming back over Potlock's Bridge. She'd gone a little way past, clearly fancying a further walk to Stenson then panicked when she realised we were up on the bridge. She ran to and fro under it until Elanor went to the head of the steps down, whereupon the dog climbed through the side rail onto the second step up, most inelegantly.

As I say, barmy.

Today, Sheila did the WeBBS walk whilst I made some more bread rolls. I tried making flatter round ones this time, rather than sub style, and got a shade carried away. They came out just a little thicker than your average pitta. Next time, not quite so large, methinks. Still, they took plenty of filling, which had been the aim.

Since then we've stayed indoors whilst it poured, but did put in another walk this afternoon.

Tomorrow, into Derby to see the dermatologist. It's going to be all rather fraught for the next couple of weeks, what with that, the need to wash and polish the boat and Sheila's op on Friday. I'll try to do brief posts to keep folk informed, but don't expect one as long as this every day!

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