Sunday, 1 March 2015

Busy morning, lazy afternoon

We solved the buying trousers problem yesterday by going to the Warwickshire Clothing website and ordering a pair of Regatta Actions each. We know both the supplier and the trousers well, having been in the habit of buying the one from the other at Crick and the IWA National, where they always have a big stand. We got the two pairs for just over £40 including delivery.

Today, we had a relaxed start, then went over to the lodge to finish off the repair work. I wrapped the knots in the draw cords with insulating tape, making a torpedo shape over each one. This worked a bit, but the blind is still inclined to stick on the way down. There's just one tenant to come in for ten days before we're in the lodge ourselves, so we've asked the office to explain the situation to them and we'll do a full re-cording whilst we're in there afterwards.

Midland Chandlers had some waxed polyester whipping twine which should be just the right weight; the waxing will help the cords run through the guides.

We also fitted in a walk round the marina and recycling dump in bright sun but a very chilly breeze. As forecast, it started raining heavily this afternoon, so I lit the fire and we've been watching videos on the iPads – The Mikado for Sheila and I had an episode of Travelling Man.

Tonight, cajun chicken, I think; tomorrow, a quick final trip to the lodge. I had to re-oil some of the table tops where they'd been scratched so we'll give them a buffing in the morning before the cleaners go in to prepare it for the next tenants.

Apart from that, we've nothing special planned, though Sheila may be starting the weekly wash. We're now looking for a window of dry weather to wash and polish the starboard side of the boat before Sheila's op means she can't help with that task, but so far there's not much prospect of one. It's really a bit early in the year yet.

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