Monday, 2 March 2015

Keeping quite busy

The challenge at the moment is finding enough stuff to do to keep the cabin fever at bay. It's teasing weather just now; spring-like and encouraging one day, back to winter the next. Today has been largely sunny, but still with that viciously cold wind and, as a lagniappe, snow flurries from time to time.

I started the morning by making a batch of multi seed and malt bread dough. Immediately after breakfast we went into the lodge to clear up, buff up and tidy up. Back at the boat, it was time for knocking back and shaping the bread.

Time was allowed to trickle by by making and consuming a coffee, reading the paper and placing an Ocado order for delivery on Friday. In addition, Sheila researched and ordered some waterproof mattress covers for the lodge beds (don't ask) and some neat wooden acorns to decorate the blind pulls.

Once the bread was baked, we filled in again until it was cool enough to eat.

Afterwards, we put in a walk round the marina, well muffled against the wind, though at least the snow seems to have given up for the moment. A visit to Still Waters facilitated the purchase of the essentials for the creation of tonight's meat free meal, a Spanish omelette, i.e. some eggs.

Once more on board, we started the water tank filling and I made a second lot of dough; a half quantity of simple white dough to make half a dozen dinner rolls to go with the omelette.


Les Biggs said...

Can't beat some c/cruising to cure and prevent cabin fever.

Bruce in Sanity said...

I quite agree! Mind you, I'm glad im not trying to boat in this wind...