Sunday, 22 March 2015

Feeling weary

Sally tells me she was a very weary dog yesterday evening and I know just how she felt this afternoon. With Elanor's help we've moved back onto the boat successfully and the lodge is ready for its turn round clean tomorrow.

All is generally well, except...

Switching on the immersion heater caused one or another breaker to pop. Investigation showed that the seal between the heater and the top of the calorifier is weeping, perhaps as a result of the whole thing cooling down and then reheating. The resulting pool of water has presumably found its way into the terminal block on the top of the heater.

I've dried it off and deployed a disposable nappy to prevent it running down into the cabin bilge. I'm not inclined to fiddle with it myself — water and electricity, no I don't go there — so it looks like a call to Braidbar for advice tomorrow. Meantime, we've still got the central heating to give us hot water.

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