Monday, 23 March 2015

Settling into a new routine

It was a strange night last night. Sheila is sleeping on the dinette to avoid the risk of me kicking her sore foot, so I got out the sleeping bag that can be opened out into a flat quilt. Even so, she was a bit cold and had to use her fleece over the top. She could have used her dressing gown, only it was still on the back of the bedroom door in the lodge...


Today, a relaxed start and a bit of pottering before I went out to do some shopping, having first retrieved the dressing gowns. It's quite cold again and we've needed the fire.

I checked the nappy I'd put on top of the calorifier and was pleased to find that it was dry. The weep is slow enough that the nappy is wicking the water up and then drying out, the top of the calorifier being very hot now, of course. Lying in bed last night, I realised that this situation has probably been going on for some time.

On odd occasions this winter we've been puzzled by a brief noise of draining water, possibly outside the boat, maybe inside. I'd checked everywhere, I thought, but not the calorifier top. It must have been slowly pooling up and then dribbling down the side into the cabin bilge where it dried out, so that when I looked at it from under the bed, there was nothing to see.

Did some phoning this afternoon. Checked with CRT that our licence disks were on the way and called Capital One about the refund from Elite. It was apparent that they had done zip all about it in over a month. They've now promised to refund the account within 24 hours; we have to wait 45 days for Elite to object before we can assume that the matter is closed. Not impressive. AND it was an expensive 0844 number, the sods.

I'm composing this post in Blogsy, having given up on BlogPress. It seems very good but has many morefunctions than BlogPress so will take a bit of getting used to.

Tomorrow, I'm off into Derby for a routine hearing aid check, leaving Sheila on her own for just the second time since the op.


Sue said...

Bruce don't forget to check Say No to 0870 for your numbers.

Capital One has loads of non 0844 numbers you could have called..

Bruce in Sanity said...

Oh dear, I must be slipping. Should have thought of that.

Mind you, lot on my plate ATM.