Thursday, 19 March 2015

Getting into a routine

We had another very relaxed start this morning, not properly getting going until half eight or so. John reminds me that I haven't mentioned the virtues of our shower arrangements here; the flat floor wet room arrangement with a fold down stool in the actual shower area works well.

Mind you, it means showering together as it's pretty hard to keep clear of the spray whilst assisting. We wrap Sheila's foot in a small refuse sack and tape it on with that great standby, duct tape. You know what they say: if you can't fix it with duct tape, you're not using enough.

It all goes to prove that just 'cos you're in your sixties, you can still enjoy showering together ;)).

I set up a wash load and left it running whilst taking a walk round the marina and doing a bit of shopping on the way back. The washer dryer in the lodge does the first function very well, but is much slower on the second than the beasts in the laundry.

We managed to restring the Roman blind in the double bedroom before lunch; regular readers will recall that the draw strings had been cut by one of our tenants. 

Sheila subsequently drew my attention to the fact that a few of the screws in the door handle to the twin bedroom were loose. On investigation, it transpired that most of the easily accessible screws in all the handles and the switch plates had been loosened a turn or two.

Weird or what?

This afternoon has been pretty quiet; another trip to the front to check the post and to buy some burgers for tonight and that's about it. The sun has finally burnt the low misty cloud off, so Sheila has managed to take some of her exercise out on the veranda, a pleasant change. Elanor and Sally are coming over as usual later on for a preamble and a natter.

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