Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Chugging on

BlogPress is still not working and the free Blogger app has crummy reviews, so I'm doing a quickie using the webpage input screen. The internet connection has slowed right down as well.

We've had a nice steady day looking after ourselves in the lodge. Sheila has not needed analgesics for 48 hours now and seems to be making a good recovery.

Main thing is to thank Jo James for giving me a lift into the village this morning, thus letting me stock up with stuff I can't buy in the marina, like hummus. She came in for a coffee and a natter too, giving Sheila a break from my scintillating conversation.

I must also thank Katie and Peter Hampton — they brought us some daffs as a get well present and the flowers are now almost all out, a splendid sight. So now we have an amaryllis from Anna and Martin, a begonia from Nev and John and the daffs all in bloom around the saloon.

It'll be a quiet evening this evening and another steady day tomorrow. If Blogpress doesn't get sorted soon, I'll have to find another third party app to use for this blog.

1 comment:

Jo said...

It was a pleasure to be of service. Thank YOU for the splendid bottle of Carignan/Shiraz. And good to see Sheila looking so well and 'normal' (if you know what I mean). A jar of marmalade is especially good for a recovering toe I hear. I'll add it to my 'going to the Marina' bag .....