Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Making progress

Things are going along very nicely here, though I'm being kept pretty busy. Sheila's using very little pain killer already and beginning to find it a bit boring sitting there for 55 minutes in every hour.

I must add my thanks to John and Nev for all their support over the weekend and to Jo for past and future help.

John and I moved Sanity Again to Shobnall on Sunday; not the most pleasant of trips as it was cold and, later, wet. Gareth was very helpful in taking the keys and agreeing to move her onto the dock on Monday. He's not been in touch which hopefully means that the job is going well.

Elanor provided transport back to the marina, mega helpful daughter that she is. Admittedly, a bit later I realised that I hadn't turned off the gas and the cabin electrics, so John ran me back across to have a final sort out. My excuses are a) accumulated fatigue and b) being distracted by Ivor Bachelor, in front of whom we had tied and who came out for a good old natter all the time I was closing up.

Having a week in the lodge is quite fun now that the stresses are reduced.

The copy of BlogPress on my iPad has just been updated and is misbehaving a bit, hence no tags today. In fact, it wouldn't let me post, so I'm having to do it via Safari!

Since I'll still be dashing about quite a lot, I may lean on Sheila to do more posts for a bit, hee, hee.

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