Monday, 30 March 2015

Planning ahead

Today has been much more enticing, weather wise, though it's turned a bit grotty now. The main event of the day was a visit from our good friend and quiz team mate Peter Hampton (he knows loads of bands I've never heard of, a major bonus in dealing with music rounds). Peter's day job is working for a company called Accord Legal Services as a legal consultant. They are specialists in wills and all the other stuff that makes things a bit easier for those you leave behind to cope with the aftermath of your departure.

We had a long thorough session discussing these matters, including lasting powers of attorney which allow your nearest and dearest to take decisions on your behalf if you lose the ability to do so for yourself. Like all such matters, it feels a bit creepy talking about it, but it's no use blinking facts. The one thing we can all be absolutely sure of is that one day we won't be here. If you haven't made a will or thought about how to ensure that those you want to inherit do so, then things may well not happen the way you want and will certainly cause a load more grief on top of the distress they will already be feeling (you hope...).

Incredibly, around 80% of people die intestate, resulting in just that outcome. Peter is coming back to see us again on Thursday after we've had a chance to think through some of our options about managing these matters.

After lunch, back to mundanity with a walk to the village to post Sheila's latest crochet porthole doilies and do a bit of shopping. Tonight, a meat-free meal; bean curry, I think. Tomorrow, we find out how well Sheila's toe is doing, a trip made much easier by the assistance of another good friend, Jo.

It's so good to have friends!

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