Tuesday, 31 March 2015

So far, so good

"It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents..." So begins Bulwer-Lytton's novel Paul Clifford, famous for the most hackneyed opening in English literature, though not for much else, and it well describes conditions last night. Sleep was difficult as the boat rocked and rolled under the impact of the blast and the waves striking at irregular intervals on the hull added to the cacophony. Fortunately, we had no reason to be up early and so were able to take our time in facing the day.

Things have moderated a bit since but it seems we are to have very similar conditions until at least this time tomorrow. On the other hand, the prospects for the weekend seem much better. I just feel sorry for hirers and anyone else obliged to try to boat whilst the wild conditions persist.

As planned, Jo very kindly gave us a lift into the Royal Derby where we had a bit of a wait before Sheila was called in. Removing the dressings showed a nicely healing wound and the registrar was pleased with progress. She still has to wear the fancy shoe for a further four weeks, when she'll be seen again and hopefully told to resume normal footwear and mobility.

Meantime, she's allowed to walk about more, though not more than a mile at a time. Her next appointment is on the 28th of April; if all is well, we should be able to get away and do some boating at the start of May.

Jo next took us to Betty's Farm where I bought some meat and other bits and bobs, then to the pharmacy where my latest eye drops were ready for collection. The outing was completed with a visit to the front of the marina; Sheila was glad of the opportunity to pop into Still Waters and say her own thank you for the roses.

It's a Salambulation night tonight and a bit of a recovery day tomorrow. My main task is dumping the recycling which is taking up a lot of room in the bow locker at the moment.



Jo said...

I can do the 28th April appointment ... I've written it in the diary!

John and Nev/ Destiny said...


Pleased to hear that things are progressing well. Now when is the London Marathon?

Love John and Nev