Thursday, 12 March 2015


We spent yesterday morning polishing the side of the boat in ideal conditions for it, dry but cool and cloudy.

Yesterday afternoon was spent pottering, mostly, with a trip out for me and Elanor on her own business in the late afternoon. Warwickshire Clothing have admitted they don't have my preferred colour of Regatta trousers in stock, so I've agreed to having some black ones instead. Don't know why they waited until I emailed them to tell me this...

This morning, Sheila's gone to get a haircut whilst she can still walk to the village and I've been baking bread.

This afternoon we'll be very busy moving into the lodge for ten days, so I thought I'd get this done now, whilst it's quiet.

We're all just looking forward to getting tomorrow over with!


Jo said...

I had a Brucie Bake today. A. MAZE. ING. Quite the nicest homemade bread roll I've ever had (AND that includes my own!). Thank you so much. If any of you faithful followers should get offered his spoils in the future, say yes!

Adam said...

Hope it all goes well tomorrow.