Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tuesday bulletin

Today, I started by making a bowl of dough, then eating breakfast, then to the surgery with the OP prescription. Asked receptionist if she could read it, she said no, but the doctor would be able to. Probably true, medical writing a secret code uncrackable at Bletchley Park.

Back to the boat, knock back and shape dough into round baps, put to rise and loaf about. (Hee, hee)

Bake bread, wait until cools, eat lunch, yum.

Wash side of boat in excellent sunshine.

Sheila doing washing, we walk round to office and to buy milk whilst tumbling wash load. Still no trousers from Warwickshire Clothing. Back to boat, send stroppy email to WC.

Plan meals for next week so as to ensure all needed ingredients transferred from boat before she goes to Shobnall.

Put boat wash stuff away, do blog.

Tonight, Salambulation, tomorrow, polish cabin side.

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