Saturday, 28 March 2015

Working on

Definitely still Spring, but wild and woolly not calm and balmy. I know, wild and barmy might be a better description of your correspondent, but we won't go there, I'm keeping very busy, OK? Sheila continues to mend and is really chafing at the bit now. The iPad comes into its own in these circumstances; she spent a good part of the morning with the headphones on watching The King and I.

Elanor and Sally had been over to Wollaton Park to meet Graeme, Cathy and the boys. When they popped in to see us after lunch, Sally was looking more tired than I've ever seen her and had clearly had a very busy morning. She collapsed onto her bed in the saloon and dozed off almost immediately, waking only to devour a carrot I found for her.

Whilst they were here, Grahame from Still Waters came round with a bunch of roses for Sheila that Chrissy had bought, a really nice touch. I dug our best vase out from under the bed and they are now gracing the dinette table.

Right, must get on, washing up to do, dinner to cook and all that jazz!


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