Friday, 27 March 2015

Getting there

A good night's sleep apiece meant that we are mostly recovered from Wednesday's exertions. Today's tasks included getting a wash load run and a trip to the village for me. I collected a prescription and did a bit of shopping in the Co-op.

Back at the boat, I found that all the regular drugs were in the bag, but not the new eyedrops about which I'd especially written a letter to go with the repeat request.


A phone call back to the surgery was at least dealt with promptly and the new drops should be ready for me to collect on Tuesday (except we're in Derby on Tuesday, so it will have to be Wednesday).

Apart from that, it's been a generally satisfying day. Sheila managed a walk from the boat to the zig-zags to admire the newly planted daffs coming out, the furthest she's gone since the op two weeks ago. I did another trip to the front to buy new potatoes at Still Waters but otherwise we've largely been lurking on board.

Looks like it's going to be quite a wet weekend, I'm afraid, but there's not much prospect of snow (which they had in Ashbourne yesterday) so we should be grateful for what we get, I guess.

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Jo said...

We could circle past the pharmacy/surgery and collect the eyedrops when we've done Derby. My car can go off piste, you know!