Friday, 10 April 2015

A relaxed day

We all slept well last night for a change and had a relaxed but not too tardy start to the day. It's been a chance to take things quite easy after the dramas of the week; a couple of walks round the marina, a bit of shopping, a lot of sitting out on the bow enjoying the sun.

Sheila is now able to walk round the other way and meet up with Sally and I at the new rendezvous area and then amble back with us. This is a great improvement as it gets her out and makes for a more sociable session.

Inkling has arrived back, so all the berths are occupied once more. She's to be the Aqua showboat at Crick, understandably, which is nice as it means we'll see more of Peter and Melanie then. On the return of the two boats, we'll swap berths, thus complying with the condition of the residential berth planning to change mooring every ten months.

Elanor is due back mid-afternoon tomorrow, so we'll have most of the day with Sally. Talking of whom, she wouldn't eat her carrot this lunchtime. Seems if it's showing signs of going off, she won't have it.

Picky or what? Somebody should tell her that dogs are supposed to be a scavenger species.

{Note from Sally: "Cheek! I'm a hound not a dog!}



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