Thursday, 9 April 2015


Worried about the loosening dressing on her foot, Sheila rang Orthopaeds Out Patients first thing this morning. She spoke to the nurse, who told her to come straight in. Fortunately, she'd already established that the inestimable Jo was available to do taxi this morning and so could set off directly.

I took the pooch for her morning peramble and had not been long back when they returned. The dressing having been removed, the registrar looked at her op site, expressed himself very pleased with it and prescribed a simple (but large) plaster over the wound. So Sheila is now walking round looking almost normal, with a sock on over the plaster but still the fancy shoe.

She'll have to wear that until the end of the month, but has been told to bring a shoe in with her for that appointment as she is likely not to need the special shoe after that. Jo stayed for a coffee and an exciting discussion about the plans for their new lodge, the first of the next tranche, on the Meadows site.

Meantime, I'd missed a call from the Capital One disputes team. I finally managed to get through on calling back, worried that something had gone wrong with our Elite refund, but it was just a courtesy call checking on the cause of my dissatisfaction with the service. The guy quite cheerfully agreed that they'd had a big backlog, hence the slow response to my complaint.


Never mind, it is hopefully all behind us now and the weather continues to be very warm and sunny. Two more nights of Sally with us then Elanor returns to take her home. It's lovely having her here for a few days, but it will be nice to go back to sleeping with Sheila...

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