Monday, 13 April 2015

At last, a blog

It was a busy weekend but all is quiet now. Sally was overjoyed: firstly to see Elanor, then to have a mad charge about in the copse and finally to get home. Apparently she spent some time hurtling about her garden in an ecstasy of relief.

Today has been a day for getting back to normal for us and, indeed, for Elanor though in her case that meant getting up at six as she was back to work. Sheila has been doing the Monday wash, including the extra bedding where Sal and I were sharing the dinette. I took a walk down into the village to draw cash and do some shopping at the Co-op, stuff that we can't get in the marina.

When I got back, Sheila was chatting to Peter and Melanie on Inkling. They were getting ready to leave and go about their business, having generously donated some unwanted fresh food to us. It included some interesting lemon and coriander hummus and part of a Camembert to Sheila's delight.


We did a bit of time in the lodge after lunch; we need to restock on sugar sachets for the welcome pack and there were other minor bits and bobs to attend to, including finding a portable hard drive left behind by one lot of tenants or another. I've asked the office to let them all know that we've got it so that it can be returned to those who can identify it and its content.

After taking some recycling to the skips, I bumped into Martin and Anna off One Day. They've been getting her ready to cruise and will set off quite soon for an extended trip, lucky things. Have a great time guys!

A quiet night tonight, methinks and more pottering tomorrow.

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