Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Busy sort of day

After a half decent night, we've been keeping busy today. More washing has been done and tumbled and we took a walk round to the front together this morning. One of our tenants had left a couple of items behind, so the office will post them back to him. We popped into Still Waters to buy large onions and one or two other items.

In fact we had a pleasant excuse to sit around on the bench outside watching activity in the marina for a while as the gas lorry had turned up and Michael went round to deal with it.

Back at the boat we got on with stuff again, though there was time to do some serious newspaper reading...

After lunch, I took a walk round the marina, stopping to chat to a passing Jo at one stage. She tells me of a rumour that HSE is to ban people staying on their boats overnight when they are on dry dock. If so, it will cause problems for a lot of liveaboards. The trouble is there have been a few incidents where things have either gone badly wrong or very nearly so, so I can see where HSE are coming from.

From our point of view, of course, it will mean more business for the lodge; one of our regular sources of tenants are folk having their boat blacked either here or at Shobnall.

It's back to sunny weather again and we've been sitting out on the bow most of the afternoon. Sheila has turned up the cuffs on my latest pair of Regatta trousers ready for the new cruising season as well as doing more crochet.

It's a Salambulation tonight, after which I'm doing this week's veggie meal, boiled onions with cheese sauce and new potatoes and peas.

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