Sunday, 19 April 2015

Feels like winter again

As forecast, it's been much colder and gloomier today with the chilly nor'-easter wind back with us, not strong but very cooling. The main event for us was showing a family round Oak and Walnut Lodges, prospective purchasers of one of the as yet unsold plots. That all seemed to go off OK – as with showing round boats, you've no idea whether the possibly buyer is tempted or not.

Often, it's the quiet ones who then go ahead. This is not surprising if you think of your own behaviour when house hunting; if you really like a house, you don't go overboard about it to the estate agent if you've got any sense.

It was cold enough that I lit the fire after lunch and we then decided to take one of our split walks round the marina. Sheila goes to the front by the short route and I go right round the other way at a brisk pace. It's getting to the point where Sheila needs to give me a start, so much has she speeded up even whilst wearing her surgical shoe.

Peter and Katie's boat Uriah Heep has been on the pontoon in front of the Boardwalk all weekend as it's up for sale. We popped down there for a chat and ended up having a very pleasant hour helping them to drink some white wine they happened to have. Sadly, they are not going to be able to join us for the quiz on Wednesday night as Katie has a job interview elsewhere in the country the next day. We'll just have to hope that Lucy can find alternative partners for us – I expect she will, it's a popular event.

Good luck Katie, anyway!


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