Monday, 20 April 2015

It's hard on the workers...

... when we have rubbish weather on Sunday and then Monday turns back to sunshine. We've had a very pleasant day here – it was very chilly first thing with mist and murk lurking about until mid morning, but once the sun had burnt it off we were back to warmth and gentle breezes.

Some laundry has been done and tumbled and we did a bit of shopping in the morning, of the perishable food variety. Whilst over there, I took a call from Helen of the Burton Mail. She's working on a piece about boaters and will be meeting up with us and Peter off Sanity on Friday lunchtime for a chat. Since we're dog sitting on Friday, we'll have to hope Sally behaves herself ;).

This afternoon I did my long walk round, dumping some recycling in passing, and met up with Sheila at the front where ice creams were consumed. Whilst buying them, I paid for a cylinder of gas; we're planning to go for a pump out and diesel in the morning and will collect the gas whilst we're over there.

Since getting back to the boat some constructive loafing on the bow has taken place. What a good life it is.

Tonight a veggie meal, I think. Avocado with Italian dressing followed by cheese and mushroom omelette with fresh baked bread. This last will be made from part bakes, I fear. I don't fancy doing any serious kneading whilst my hands are smeared with cytotoxic creme :0.

Oh, and here's a picture of a dog called Sven that Elanor found:

He's looking for a home at the Dogs Trust.


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