Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday routine

We've rather got into the habit of having an Ocado delivery every other Friday and today was one of those days. We arose betimes and pottered about doing the morning routine, including Sheila setting up a wash load. One on Friday reduces the burden of the main event on Monday or Tuesday.

I'd had the email and text to announce that Christopher would be arriving in the Raspberry van between ten and eleven, albeit without the tub of mandarin orange segments I'd ordered, and sure enough a phone call at about quarter past turned out to be the selfsame Chris. He was only five minutes away so I had my work cut out to get to the security gate before him, just managing it.

Having let him through, I ambled back but still managed to arrive at the boat as he and Sheila were conversing by the van. It seems that his copy of the delivery instructions had reverted to the old advice from when we were moored on Grebe pontoon, which seems a bit strange.

No matter, we soon had the saloon full of bags of goodies and Chris on his way back round the marina. All was well with the delivery and we had it all stowed well before lunch. A quiet sit down was welcome before we scoffed the pork pie I'd added to the order with lunch in mind.

In the early afternoon, I took a brisk walk round the marina and met up with Sheila at the front. There we bought some new potatoes and mayonnaise from Still Waters; tonight's meal is avocado and prawn salad with Marie Rose sauce and baby new potatoes.

Sadly, the weather remains very chillly, so sitting out has not been an option. No matter, tomorrow's forecast looks better, which is just as well as Elanor has volunteered to take us to the garden centre in Findern to get plants for the roof top troughs. Sally will not be of the party for once – garden centres are so not her thing.


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Jo said...

Here's some hot off the press news for Sally - Goldenboyz Doggy Treats are coming to the Trading Boat moorings from the 8 - 10 May. Sally should start saving .........