Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mostly quiet

A cooler but quieter day today, with little wind but a chilly air temperature which improved a bit as the day went on. We've mostly been doing routine stuff, updating an Ocado order for tomorrow, taking walks round the marina and the like.

The main achievement was us finally getting round to changing our dentist. As I think I've said before, Alrewas is fine but just too far away for convenience, both for us and for Elanor. Matters were precipitated by Elanor waking in the night with a bit broken off one of her teeth, so she's arranged to go and see the practitioner recommended to us by Trev and Rachael off Takt Up, Natural Smiles in Littleover.

When I rang to make initial appointments I was impressed with the efficiency and pleasant courtesy of the receptionist, always a good start. Elanor's being seen next Wednesday (she's not in any pain) and our appointments aren't until the first week of May. I'll give our impressions of the service after we've been seen.

And that's about it for today; Sal exercise tonight before cooking some garlic chicken kievs Elanor's got for us from the Moy Park factory shop. Tomorrow, as I say, an Ocado delivery and then suddenly it will be the weekend again. Hopefully, less than three weeks more to hang around here and we can start boating again. I expect you lot will be as relieved to have it to read about as we will be to be doing it...


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

A daily dose, be it winter or summer, is fine with me....but I do so enjoy it when you're out and about. A chance to actually bump into you one of these days...metaphorically, not TimothyWestly, of course

Bruce in Sanity said...


It would indeed be good to actually meet up one of these days 🐺 (that's a doggy emoji, possibly).

Have used my draconian powers as blog owner to remove your double post, btw.

Take care


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Thank you! I'm quite good at repeating myself...

Yes, I'm quite good at repeating myself.