Saturday, 25 April 2015

It's a change

In lots of ways today. Getting Sally to do the blog makes a break for me, though I know not everybody appreciates it. She was very well behaved for us and with the folk from the Burton Mail. Mind you, there's been either a bird scarer or some shooting going on today which started at 7.45 this morning. Sal had just dozed off after her first thing comfort break and did not appreciate being rudely woken up again.

Elanor came across mid-morning and gave me a lift to Betty's Farm and the Co-op to get some shopping in. We had a bit of a family natter with her then ate lunch after she went off to recover a bit more from her night out.

We've been taking it easy since as the other big change has been the weather, heavy showers and sunny intervals all afternoon have encouraged us to stay firmly indoors. I did the monthly battery check and top up and had a look at the Hurricane running, just to make sure the flame looks a good fierce yellow white. It's not due for service for another 300 hours which, with much reduced use during the summer, will probably take us up to the autumn.

Tonight, liver casserole, I think, a quiet evening and an early night.

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