Friday, 24 April 2015

Dog to dog blog: a quick AGP check

Hi guys

I've used the excuse of Mum going out on the razz tonight to come over and check up on the AGPs. In fact, I managed to persuade her that spending the whole day here would be good; she can come and pick me up tomorrow morning. So at around eight today, we met up with Grandpa at the Boardwalk and left Mum to head off to work.

I kept an eye on her as she drove away, naturally, just to make sure that she was coping without me in the back to advise, then let Grandpa take me to the boat. Here, I found that the lazy persons hadn't even had their breakfasts, so I had to hang around whilst they stuffed themselves. I'm not used to doing things this way round; normally, I make sure Mum gets her nosh before having mine.

Once they were fed and watered, I took Grandpa for a circuit of the marina whilst Granny went the other way. Must say, Grandpa is looking much better, his face is almost back to normal (for him, that is), though he's been doing something to the backs of his hands and had to wear weird fingerless gloves to stop my lead rubbing on the sore skin.

Granny says that this makes him a MAMIL, which apparently stands for Middle Aged Man In Lycra, i.e. the cycling fiends we find hanging about the Willow Tree on some mornings. Grandpa complained that this was rude, but Granny retorted that calling him middle aged in any context could only be a compliment nowadays.

Anyway, we managed the walk OK, though I wasn't allowed an ice cream on the feeble excuse that it was too early in the day. I mean, the shop was open, what more do you need? Back at the boat, we had a quiet time until lunch, after which I got a decent sized carrot, hooray. Granny then went off somewhere, only to return with a young woman and a man with a camera. I was a bit sus until I smelt that he had a couple of dogs himself, a lab and a jackapoo, I think.

He took some photos of the boat without upsetting me with horrible flashes and then went off. Meantime, the young woman, who either doesn't have dogs or else gets undressed before she goes home, asked Granny a load of questions about living on the boat. When Grandpa came back from letting the photo man out of the gate, I positioned myself between them to keep an eye on her.

All went off quietly though, and Grandpa duly went to let her out as well. I then got my second walk of the day and have had my head down ever since. Well, it's been very busy so far. Must say, Granny is moving much better, so I'm glad to have had the reassurance of seeing them for myself.

Hopefully we'll have a quiet night and I can get back home promptly tomorrow. It's fun being on the boat, but being at home with Mum is always going to be best.

Take care all of you

Loads of licks

Your friend


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Anonymous said...

Dear Sally

My hounds think that it's never too early for an ice-cream - you are being mistreated!

Roll on the proper summer, when it sill be so warm that you'll be fed ice-cream for your health :-)

Sue & the Indigo Dreamers