Monday, 6 April 2015

Seriously sunny

After a peaceful night, we all got up at the usual sort of time. I took Sally out for a first thing pee and then made tea for the humans. Once Sheila had gone for a shower and I had abluted myself on board, we ate breakfast, after which I took the pooch for her walk right round the marina.

I had a quick chat with Jules in the office about when I'd be most useful on the Lodges stand during the Easter Fair as I went by. Morning seemed to be best, so I droppped the dog off with Sheila, changed into a more respectable sweatshirt and went back. It's been an absolutely glorious day, more summer than spring, though still pretty chilly in the shade. It's the first time this year we've had all hatches open (bar the bow doors) to get a bit of a through draught in the boat.

It's very frustrating for poor Sheila; she's able to get about a bit more, but it's clear that the dressing won't tolerate much more in the way of long walks. If it gets much worse, we shall have to see about getting her back to see the nurse to have it redressed.

I did a solid couple of hours on the stand; the great news is that former employeee Tony has returned to work in the office from today. Several people were kind enough to ask after Sheila; it's nice to know that we are so much a part of the community here.

It's been a quieter afternoon once we'd scoffed the pasties I got for lunch. I took Sal for a walk again; to be on the safe side, I popped her muzzle on as we went through the now very busy public area. This turned out to have been perspicacious. I had to drag her past Still Waters whence folk were emerging eating ice cream, and there were several kids about holding that comestible at just the right height for Sal to take a taste.

I'm not sure that she's forgiven me yet for doing that...

We've managed to run a wash load and tumble it between us, so the routine work hasn't been neglected. The boats that went out for the weekend are largely back, though Inkling still hasn't put in an appearance.

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